14 November 2010

141110 *homesick sky*

Took this photo when I went to Block 07 of Aman Damai to find Nurul.
Sky is so amazing! I remembered once I ever had this kinda ambition of snapping different angle of skies from different parts of the world.
And there, I spotted a trail, can you see it?
Well, it couldn't be a wishing star in the middle of daytime right?
But it is to me! Hehee.. Once I watched a movie, everytime when a plane is flying over the main character's head, she would use her hand to reach out for it and catch it then eat it. She said her wish would be granted once she collected mmm..100? plane (couldn't remember the figure).

And ya, I misses home whenever I saw a plane flying above me and I tell myself,
soon I will be on the plane and flying back home ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u home sick meh?hahhah~havne read ur post~but saw the title first~later baru read!

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