15 November 2010

151110 Rainy rainy night...Jemputree & Bali-bali

It has been two days in a row it rained at the same time at night in Penang.
And lucky me were to caught in the "raining cats and dogs" situation for both nights!! =.=

The only reason I like about rain is I feel secure to stay under sheltered place with cooling weather, hiding inside blankets, chilling on a nice movie with a hot  chocolate milo! Best thing in the world!!

But nah, I don't get all this in Penang, especially when the rain comes so suddenly, angrily, heavily. =.=
Lucky thing is: I have my Mr. Apple-green, the big automatic umbrella!! And it save me from ended up like a wet chicken? It's call 落汤鸡 in mandarin, someone can translate that for me?

haha... Talking about last night my date with Ms K-la. Our initial plan was to go Ingolf‘三 Kneipe the German Restaurant at Tangjung Bungah.

FYI, it takes almost 1hour ride from USM to reach there and it rained heavily that time! Guess what??? IT WAS CLOSED when we reached there!!!! WTH????? I even double and triple check with different websites about the opening hour and all said it opens on Sunday nite!! And now all we got is a notice pasted outside of the restaurant that it will be closed on Sunday nites!!!?

mm... I have no idea why restaurant would want to rest during SUNDAYssss?!! Kan that is the time people have family gatherings or couple dating?? And it rained madly with super loud thunder storm and both of us were shivering like hell and super hungry. All the way here and all we get is a silly outdated notice??? I am having a lousy and very bad first impression to Ingolf's Kneipe from now on!

Then, we headed to another restaurant which also CLOSED DURING SUNDAY!!? c'mon, what's happening with all these restaurants?

Luckily in the end we settled down at JEMPUTREE!!!!! ^0^
It's one of the best place I would recommend to all of you out there!! You can get the "you pi you chi" (means delicious food at reasonable price in hokkien) food at here ranging from oriental to western cuisine!

I would recommend couples to come here for their romantic ambiance with heart-melting love songs by Celine Dion!

Not much photos for this post as I made a huge silly mistake!!! I brought my Lit-N WITHOUT my memory card!!!!!! T.T I swear I'm gonna grab another extra one during the coming camera fair!!! Ish!! Photos in this blog all credited to google search. hehee...

And I have this Chicken Cordon Blue.....RM17++, chick breast meat + ham + cheesyy with special sauce, yummiliciouss ohhhhh!! Who wana go with me next time? hahaaha Jacklyn , lu mau ?

p/s: Weyyy, must go Jemputree try out ya! Next time when I go, I want to sit at the tree top table liao! -.- Now super cold, Penang's wind is incredibly strong!!


Anonymous said...

hahhaha~~~i still thought y u got so nice pic~mayb taken with handfon~mana tau~google~hahhah~~~wad a waste u din fully used ur little n!

e r y n said...

=.= it was a mistake... !!

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