09 November 2010

091110 Cream-O Oh Oh Ohhhh yeah!

What's your best friend for a boring hectic study break huh?
For the pass few really hectic study breaks last semesters, I bought lotsa munchy-munchy snacks to motivate me to study! hahaa, TAMCHIAK! 
Well, this time around my new love is CREAM-O!!!! Yaaaaa!! Not Oreo!! 

Here, see for yourself!! I prefer vanilla flavor than choc! Hehee~ So thick hoh the vanilla? 

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! I put mine in the container.. My sis also get influenced by me and she is addicted to CREAM-O now!!! haha.. my bad~ But it's really nice and fillling man! Don't believe what I say until you try it our yourself! And by that time I can confirm you agree with what I said! hehee

See where the arrow is pointing at!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nom nomsss!

There... Laying nicely in the container to be stuff in to my tummy!! wakekeke... 

Cream-O !!! Oh yeaaaa


Anonymous said...

lame la u~hahaha~learn from u de "lame" word~~~fyi~i finished mine already~and i am going to STOP buying!!!!hahhahaahha~sienz~eat 1 or 2 pieces just cnt fulfill my temptation la~

e r y n said...

i thk u more tamchiak thn me lor!!! Let's go et LAMECHOP.. haha! so random and lame la! blerk...cream o cream o!!!

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