08 November 2010

081110 First paper

Feeeeeling so great after this first paper of my exam! 
hahaa.. 2 questions in 2 hour with 6 pages of answers. 
=)Quite confident my answers because I have prepared for the paper, like in 2 days time
LOL, I can read lecturers' mind I tell you! I get the exam questions like how I predicted it would be!! hahaaha...Lucky me huh?
What's with this picture???
Let me tellll ya! Each of us gets a preset seating based on our exam number and guess wad? I got my very own and lucky number 113!!!!! FYI, 113 is moi birthdaeeeeeeee!!
Super happy de lo !!

My next papers would fall on the 16th and 25th Nov, which is 7 days later!!! Super dragging study week!
WTH?? One week one paper is NOT FUN AT ALL!!! I need to be tension-fied! People, pour your tension to me! haha... coz I am under a super comfy-and-relax mode almost everyday now and then!! Don't smack me!

hehe..Don't say I hao-lian go and sai-meng here kay? For those who are seating for exams out there, you got all my GOOD-LUCKssss!!! (I am always the lucky ones when it comes to exam, I got the questions I want! hahaaa! oh yeaaa~~You are going to be as lucky as me coz I spare some of my goodluck with ya! haha)


See... I even form a "Onion-head cheer-leading group" for all of you out there!!!
Jacklyn Choo if you are reading this NOW, be steady and just do your best for your Friday paper ya!! heheehe..

tata people~~~~~

p/s: Notice those little cutie emoticons lately? haha.. just right-click at it and choose "save-as", you can have it!!! Aren't they so expressive and make my wordings look cheerful? hohohoo.. ok, I perasan myself!

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Anonymous said...

Jacklyn's sister~thank you~hahhahaahahhahaha!!!!!!!!LMAO!weihou sister,kalyn sister~see ur name all got sister one!gila!!!hahahahaa~haiz~u too relax untill night and day pun terbalik eh?

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