27 January 2010


ah Niu      : How much u earn monthly now wor?
ME          : hehe.. Don't tell u!
ah Niu : why ler? tell me lar.. rm1000++ per month ar?
ME         : =) *smiled* u guess ler? I already flew(as in travelled by plane) 3 times only in January. ^___^

ME         : How much do u think u can earn monthly with a degree qualification after u graduate?
ah Niu : mm... RM1800 lo i think. University graduates mar~
ME          : Are you satisfy with this amount? 
ah Niu      : ......
ME         : How often do u wish to travel after you are graduate and start working?
ah Niu : Of course as many times as possible lo~!!!
ME         : Can you tell me which company would let you to do so and to pay you high salary?
ah Niu     : .........Then where can I get such GREAT BENEFIT o?
ME         : *smiled with a  100% confidence!* MY COMPANY~!
                 Ya, i agree with what you are saying.You might get paid of RM1800 monthly IF YOU CAN    
                  GET A JOB after graduate. 
                 But u need to know that u are working under A BOSS, and YOUR BOSS is the one who gets all                 
                  the earnings n grow his/her company by just paying you RM1800. 
                 And, the truth is --> YOU NEVER GONNA KNOW WHEN IS YOUR TURN TO GET   
                  FIRED BY YOUR BOSS!!!!

=) it's a funny yet true conversation between me and my coursemate. 
But I am so glad that he realize the truth and serious in finding a way to achieve his dreams! 
Well, i told him : 
When u are really serious and ready to listen, 
I can show you the way to realize your dream of good life! One step at a time~ ^^

Bill Gates, do you know him? 
Who cares if he dropped off from university? He earns billions now!! 
I am not saying that to further studies in higher level of education is bad, my words are reminders to those naive people who can't see the true colors of the society. Once you are closer to the moment of graduation, your dreams start to be shaken by the fear of unknown future, shrinking and disappearing......NO MORE DREAMS!

I am so grateful and lucky that I've found a way to achieve my dreams!! 
Big Huge Thanks to my Aunt, my mummy, my sister, and MARK HUGHES! 
Not by shrinking and making my dreams easy to be achieve, but a PROVEN AND POWERFUL way! 

Do you wanna earn FULL TIME INCOME by just working PART TIME? ;) com'on la..who don't want right? hehe... IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND EAGER TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS... share with me your dreams ^o^

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