30 December 2009

2009 saying farewell....bb

I have always wanted to compiled my life into a story books or a movie. It's something that i've promised myself since I was small and I'm gonna make it comes true! I am so into photo editing software like professional ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, user-friendly PHOTOSCAPE, easy-to-use picassa; I like to play with Microsoft Power Point or Movie Maker to construct certain chapters of my life! Currently I am learning and practicing photo journalism!~

ahahaha! Done wif all those crapps, now im gonna present my year 2009 Chapter in some of the photos captured last year!~ well.. If a Picture can really speaks more than a thousand words, i have more than that in just one post now~! hehe..

The new hope begins with JAN.U.ARY~!! A month of grateful and im given 3 wish~ aha..of coz i wished more than that... mm, most of them come trueeeee~!
ehehe... here comes February, the PROSPERITY MONTH OF THE RED RED GONG XI FA CHAI~!
I cut my SUPERRRRRR-LONG HAIR to a middle-length that the tip of my hair can oni touched my shoulder!

Rocking all the way to MARVELLOUS MARCH!! *MASQUERADE NITE FOR COMMUNICATION SCHOOL~!* whee.. did a lil shoppin when miss angelllll escape from her deserted uum! Awesome time with
my xoxo gals ^-^

April comes right after the happening March with tones of DEADlines, study week and EXAMS ---the period tad i hate and love the most!!!! Pictures r sensored due to the un-bearable stressed facial expression that is 18SG! LOL.. MORE TO COME AFTA APRIL~

haaaapiiiiiii..shallalalala~ it's my summer vacation --MAY ESCAPISM to the BEACH!! the beautiful NATURE^^

Right afta exam and done with the hectic sem-end-packing, I treat myself wif a trip to the strawberrrie land --CAMERON HIGHLAND~! *since Penang isn't raining since the beginning of 2010, I MISSED CAMERON'S WEATHER a wholeeeee lot!!*

I went to Redang...momotea there o!!!! I nvr thought that I could really step my foot on the softy marshmallow sand, to feel the salty yet refreshing sea breeze, to witness the orangey egg-yolk sun set&sun rise!
Jelly-Joyous-Juneee!! Lotsa outings but pictures r missing here and there, and these r those prettie ones i manage to snap! hoho..... sing k, makan-makan, lepak here and there, yamcha gossip~
and i went STAIRWAYS TO THE HEAVEN IN BORNEO again!!! Borneo highland... ^^wif my lovly ones!!! siangning missing!!
To be continue..... *stay tune for more! hehe*

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