25 November 2010

STOP child abuse!!!!!! S.T.O.P it NOW!!!

"What have the child did to deserve such a treatment???" 
Bruises all over the body, hidden scars and wounds, starving, insulting, sexual abusing!!!
Instead of huggies and kisses, loves and pampers, some of the children around us are being abused!

FYI, child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment of children. 

Violence against children includes physical and mental abuse as well as injury, neglect, exploitation and sexual abuse.

Tragically, children experience violence in all spaces most familiar to them: in homes, schools, parks and communities they live in. They also suffer abuse and exploitation in orphanages, on streets, in the workplace, in cyberspace as well as in places of detention.

I once read an article that has been circulated in Facebook, it's a shocking article about how a mother abuse her 2year-old daughter until she is dead. It was so horrible that the mother only allow her to drink plain water but not giving her any food! She would be beaten deadly if she ask for food for her mother when she's hungry. 

The reason simply is because: Her mother got a new born baby-boy. This 2years-old little girl has been tortured by her own birth mother till she is dying of hunger and sickness.

Do you want to know what I really don't want to see? 
Any acts involving insulting, cursing, harassing, beating, starving and any actions that would hurt a child physically and mentally should put a full stop NOW!!! 
We can close our eyes if we don't wanna see any of this, but how can we shut our heart?

Do you know what a child really needs? 
They don't need money or dolls.
Their needs are simple:  Simply LOVE and CARE

I am grateful that I am well taken care and loved by my family, because of them, I am who I am today!

Please, love your children.

Seriously, they don't need you to be millionaire to give them happinese.

Everyone has anger, there are downside of life.. But, never ever mistreat the children. Because they are innocent!

For your information: 
Like in most countries, only extreme child abuse and neglect cases are reported in Malaysia, often involving tragic elements of disturbing injuries, sexual abuse or even death.

Are we going to let this continue to happen?

Let's raise our hand and stop child abuse now!!! They need our help!!

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